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Ron Calderon Does it Again

He didn’t bother to vote at all on SB 890 (Leno), a bill that would require debt collectors to have the bare minimum of paperwork before suing a debtor in court. To show that they at least served the person so that person can at least show up to their own lawsuit.  At the very least, it will prove that they are at least suing the right person, because people who don’t owe the debt have had their wages garnished. It happened to Senator Lou Correa and he told his story on the Floor yesterday. If only this had happened to Ron Calderon- perhaps he wouldn’t have been taking a walk while this was being voted on. It passed anyways.

But he definitely made sure to be back on the floor to earn the honor of being the ONLY Democrat Senator who voted “No” on SB 810 (Leno), the single payer healthcare bill. Perhaps he should’ve just stayed gone. He’s the Leeroy Jenkins of the California State Senate– useless, then he shows up and proves to be so unhelpful you wish he would’ve just kept being useless.

And did you know his son/nephew/some other Calderon is running this year? Does California really need more do-nothing, non-voting Calderons in office? Methinks not. If you’re in his district, do yourself a favor and stop voting for these clowns.


ron calderon & ed hernandez are punks

Seriously these two are serial non-voters. After watching both of them remain silent on a bill that should’ve been a no-brainer (especially if you’re a Democrat) YET AGAIN, I’ve decided to do a Calderon/Hernandez watch. Cal-Her Watch 2011 is in full effect.

The bill in question is AB 22 (Mendoza), a bill that would outlaw the use of credit reports in the hiring process, with a few exceptions. With so many people experiencing near or total financial devastation, and jobs being so hard to find, putting up another barrier to employment is…well it stinks. Of course the Rebublicans (typo & it stays) got up and waxed poetic about the good old days when you could use any tool you saw fit in the hiring process. Anyone with more than a passing interest in this stuff could see that coming. It’s not them I have such a problem with. They’ve made their case and I disagree.

But the non-voting, when this bill has 20 ayes and only needs ONE more to make it out…yeah, good going guys. At least the rebubs (I like the sound of that) have the balls to act.

Thus begins a pet project: The Calderon & Hernandez No Vote Project.