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I listen to KFBK every morning, because it’s the only news talk that comes in on the crappy, 20 year old clock radio in my bedroom. I hate listen to Crane’s Corner, a daily dose of Fox News talking points brought to you by morning anchor Ed Crane. I finally just looked him up and this is him. Not the 75 year old I was expecting, although a little hair dye and a killer set of veneers can go a long way. Couple of recent highlights:

1. Blaming Barack Obama for things.

“Consider that in 2008 gas was around two dollars….But this President…a hostage to the environmentalists refuses to try..”

Um, Ed? Gas was $2 at the end of 2008 because the house (of cards) that derivatives built spectacularly collapsed.  Now if you want to stop conveniently forgetting most of that year, skip back with me to July 2008, when the national average for gasoline was $4.11 a gallon. Here’s another gas one:’s building right now….back in 2008….when then senator obama was promising us all hope and change—-we were concerned about…gulp….two dollars a gallon for gas…the average price around this time in 2008 was a dollar ninety six…today that same gallon in california will run you an average of 3.85 a gallon

This was from the February 15th Corner and it’s wrong. The national average in February 2008 was $3.04 per gallon.

2. Thinly veiled disdain for the LGBT community.

But it is good to know if tomorrow, I wake up singing show tunes, have an irrestible urge to go shopping for that gorgeous pair of Jimmy Chus or Manolo Blanick pumps— or start looking at the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue to see whats in my size, that Berkley will be there for me. Likewise, if I start borrowing all of Amy Lewis’ Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon DVD’s and start searching on line for Doris Day Rock Hudson movies I can download, or swap my old spice for Channel number 5—it’s comforting that hard by the Bay Bridge, theres a city that will cater to my—well feminine side…

That was on a story about the City of Berkeley covering the cost of sex-change operations for transgender city employees. A fair amount of this Corner was spent making unoriginal jokes about what transgender/gay people are interested in. Showtunes, REALLY?

OK that’s all I have time for. Enjoy your weekend!