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Ron Calderon Does it Again

He didn’t bother to vote at all on SB 890 (Leno), a bill that would require debt collectors to have the bare minimum of paperwork before suing a debtor in court. To show that they at least served the person so that person can at least show up to their own lawsuit.  At the very least, it will prove that they are at least suing the right person, because people who don’t owe the debt have had their wages garnished. It happened to Senator Lou Correa and he told his story on the Floor yesterday. If only this had happened to Ron Calderon- perhaps he wouldn’t have been taking a walk while this was being voted on. It passed anyways.

But he definitely made sure to be back on the floor to earn the honor of being the ONLY Democrat Senator who voted “No” on SB 810 (Leno), the single payer healthcare bill. Perhaps he should’ve just stayed gone. He’s the Leeroy Jenkins of the California State Senate– useless, then he shows up and proves to be so unhelpful you wish he would’ve just kept being useless.

And did you know his son/nephew/some other Calderon is running this year? Does California really need more do-nothing, non-voting Calderons in office? Methinks not. If you’re in his district, do yourself a favor and stop voting for these clowns.



Just saying: Earlier this morning Senator Lou Correa voted “no”on AB 22 (banning use of credit reports in hiring process) but just voted “aye” on AB 350 (expanding the Displaced Janitor Opportunity Act to include many more types of employees: window washers, cafeteria workers, dietary service providers, etc.).


Oh heavy sigh. Why not vote for something that helps some constituents? You know, just throw it in there while you’re busy voting for something that helps your union donors?


ron calderon & ed hernandez are punks

Seriously these two are serial non-voters. After watching both of them remain silent on a bill that should’ve been a no-brainer (especially if you’re a Democrat) YET AGAIN, I’ve decided to do a Calderon/Hernandez watch. Cal-Her Watch 2011 is in full effect.

The bill in question is AB 22 (Mendoza), a bill that would outlaw the use of credit reports in the hiring process, with a few exceptions. With so many people experiencing near or total financial devastation, and jobs being so hard to find, putting up another barrier to employment is…well it stinks. Of course the Rebublicans (typo & it stays) got up and waxed poetic about the good old days when you could use any tool you saw fit in the hiring process. Anyone with more than a passing interest in this stuff could see that coming. It’s not them I have such a problem with. They’ve made their case and I disagree.

But the non-voting, when this bill has 20 ayes and only needs ONE more to make it out…yeah, good going guys. At least the rebubs (I like the sound of that) have the balls to act.

Thus begins a pet project: The Calderon & Hernandez No Vote Project.

Armstrong’s bike recovered

Damnit. This just in from the Sacramento Bee:

Sacramento police announced this afternoon that Lance Armstrong’s stolen time-trial bicycle valued at $10,000 has been recovered — and Armstrong thanked the police department for its help minutes after finishing the Clovis leg of the Amgen Tour of California.

A local resident brought the bike into Sacramento Police headquarters on Freeport Boulevard at about 10:35 a.m. Wednesday, police said in a news release.

I guess that means a local did it after all? No. I refuse to believe that. I think this person heroically wrestled it out of the tights of one of the visting Europeans. He has been recovering quietly at home since then. It wasn’t until today he had the strength to get that bike back. Ohhhhh man. Big frownie face here. Thanks Sacramento. For the first time probably ever, I was rooting for you.

oh, pleasanton!

From Mercury News:

“Senator Joe Simitian: Your cell phone law sucks.”

That’s the blunt message on a large billboard off Highway 101 south of the IKEA store in East Palo Alto. It was paid for by Grant Paulson of Pleasanton, who despises California’s hands-free cell phone law, authored by Simitian and in place since last summer.

… Paulson, 47, said Tuesday he doesn’t like the cell phone law because he finds it hard to hear calls on hands-free devices and he considers the rule an attack on personal freedoms.

“All I want is to have a choice,” said Paulson, president of GP Fire Protection, a company that installs fire sprinklers.

…”I’m just tired of having my personal freedoms taken away,” he wrote in the reader comments on a story on NBC Bay Area’s Web site. “Used to (be) able to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, ride in the back of a pickup, not wear a seat belt, ride a bike when a kid without a helmet, etc. Where does it stop and what’s next? Helmet laws to ride in a convertible because that would be safer?”

Good gravy. I love how his idea of freedom is being able to engage in an activity that puts everyone else around him at risk. Let them eat cake!

I also like how he is el presidente of a company that installs fire sprinklers. Does anyone else find that a bit ironic? How many people who have been forced to hire his company to install those things have grumbled about it? And all he cares about is how it’s hard to hear. Oh, Pleasanton. The rolling, gentle green hillsides of upper-middle class privilege tend to make the natives a bit stir crazy.

Lance Armstrong’s bike

From CBS13:

Residents are mortified after Lance Armstrong’s time trial bike was stolen in Sacramento, and the famous cyclist is turning to the internet to track down his one-of-a-kind cycle, reports CBS station KOVR-TV in Sacramento.

“I’m a Sacramentan, and it’s very embarrassing and very disappointing,” said Katie Newell.

The Sacramento Police Department has been fielding calls ever since news of the theft made international headlines. “We got calls from as far away as France and the UK,” said Sacramento Police spokesman Konrad Von Shoech.

So it was stolen in Sacramento. But am I the only person who thinks this crime might have been committed by a non-local? Do you know how many obvious out-of-towners were here on Saturday? The SJ Mercury news did a piece on people traveling from all over the country to see Lancey Pants in the flesh. I can and will also personally verify this: there were more European guys in tights in downtown Sac than I have ever seen in one place. While a bike is much harder to conceal, these men are known grape smugglers, a fact I don’t think should be ignored. Leave no stone unturned! I will investigate them myself!

Not only that, but getting your hands on Lance Armstrong’s bike is probably something of a coup de grace, a feat not to be taken likely. Sacramento bike thieves are more garden variety, crackheads-with-garden-shears type. The whole freaking world knew where Lance Armstrong’s bike was that day.

Back to Session Bash

First legislative “bash” I’ve attended. I do not yet go to fundraisers so this is the first straight up, sponsored capitol function I’ve been to. I met a few more legislators, including the one who should be carrying a bill of ours this year. In that vein, meeting his scheduler would’ve been more useful than meeting him. A mid-level assemblyman (and by that I mean he represents a decent Bay Area district- no more, no less) looked at my boobs. I got to meet the Assemblywoman from my hometown and chat with her for a second. Pedro Nava saw a photographer and wondered out loud if any pictures of the guests dining on fresh prawns and crab legs would be published, as that would look awfully bad given California’s unprecedented deficit and budget deadlock.

Most of all, I finally got to see how the other half lives. By the other half, I mean capitol staffers. Lobbyists and their ilk must pay thousands to attend crappy fundraisers with second rate hors deuvres, but if you work in the capitol, every other freaking day there’s some soiree or ice cream social being hosted in “your” (ie your boss’s) honor. This one was paid for by an organization of Indian gaming tribes and the American Cigar Association, hence the fresh prawns, crab legs and seared scallops.

At the beginning of the night, the hierarchy of staffers was painfully obvious. The free drink beads (yes, beads, as if a nod to the trading customs of indigenous North American tribes) helped loosen that up. But seriously, that’s what the capitol is all about. Hierarchy. It is its own version of Hollywood or high school. While there are a decent amount of hot mens, most of the dudes my age strut around with an expression as though there is something stinky permanently residing between their nose and upper lip (oh it’s poo from brownnosing! Oh SNAP!). A lot of the older mens are more relaxed and recent popularity of beard scruff makes them VERY attractive. Too bad they’re all fucking married. What is it with these guys? Married, married, married.