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Armstrong’s bike recovered

Damnit. This just in from the Sacramento Bee:

Sacramento police announced this afternoon that Lance Armstrong’s stolen time-trial bicycle valued at $10,000 has been recovered — and Armstrong thanked the police department for its help minutes after finishing the Clovis leg of the Amgen Tour of California.

A local resident brought the bike into Sacramento Police headquarters on Freeport Boulevard at about 10:35 a.m. Wednesday, police said in a news release.

I guess that means a local did it after all? No. I refuse to believe that. I think this person heroically wrestled it out of the tights of one of the visting Europeans. He has been recovering quietly at home since then. It wasn’t until today he had the strength to get that bike back. Ohhhhh man. Big frownie face here. Thanks Sacramento. For the first time probably ever, I was rooting for you.


I didn’t know ADD was THAT kind of disability!

Alright we all know she’s a wingnut. But is anyone else seeing major cracks in the story? At first she just seemed like a sincere wingnut, but now I’m thinking that her puffy-lipped, poker-faced maternal glow is playing us for the fool.

Nadya Suleman: One of my children was tested as ADHD, which is extremely prevalent. In regard to my other child, that child was experiencing mild – mild speech delay. And maybe tiny characteristics of autism as well.

She’s receiving disability payments for all three.

Nadya Suleman: It is temporary. Only one will be on it for awhile. The others most likely – hopefully will be off of it within a few months.

I was not aware you could receive disability for having ADD, and I was definitely not aware a child under seven years old could be recieving it. Do kids under seven even have ADD? Why would you “hopefully” be off of something like that? That’s like saying you are “hopefully” going to be off of a program that pays you $1 every time your baby craps in it’s diaper. There’s no way you’re going off of that, because you are magically receiving benefits out of something your kid is going to do/be anyway. There is nothing sincerely temporary about someone who is willing to accept public assistance because their young child may or may not have a slight learning disability that may or may not affect their kindergarten playtime (at best, she could be claiming the two year old has ADD for all we know).

Ann Curry: You’re saying that you’re going to use student loans to help raise your children.

Nadya Suleman: Temporarily. Temporarily.

Ann Curry: Do you have any way of paying back these loans?

Nadya Suleman: Yes, when I work, when I’m working.

Ann Curry: How is that not like welfare?

Nadya Suleman: Oh no. These are student loans. You consolidate the loans, you pay it back. We don’t pay back welfare.

It might be a while before Nadya pays back her loans, which she’s already spent.

Don’t you um, need to go to school to get student loans? And don’t you need uh, time to go to school?

I’m really calling bullshit on this woman. Not batshit crazy, but malevolent, for real bad lady kind of shit.

(Transcript of whole thing can be found here)

you can’t be anti-octuplet AND pro-life

The thousands upon thousands of internet comments eschewing the inevitable cost of a litter to taxpayers really annoys me. While I agree with that particular point of view, I can’t help but wonder how many of those people are against abortion. Some of the comments are tinged with that certain anti-welfare, anti-“public dole” je ne sais quoi that whispers “Psssh! My wife home schools our kids, we believe global warming is a myth and most of all we PRO-MOTHERFUCKING-LIFE.”

Soooooo let me get this straight: you are totally stoked on forcing an unprepared, single woman into having one or two children YOU will end up supporting, but you’re totally bummed on some other chick having 14 by choice?

Fuck, at least I’m consistent. I think Suleman is batshit crazy and must be stopped, I hate her 14 kids already and I wish more people would have abortions. Consistent with the attitude of: I don’t wanna pay for your dumb shit.