Yesterday morni…

Yesterday morning on Fox News there was a small bit about the upcoming PPACA Supreme Court decision. In order to be “fair and balanced” there had to be a couple sentences summarizing the opposition to PPACA, even though the piece was simply about the decision, not the merits of the law. They mentioned Constitutionality, cost, and this: “Others say the plan would ration care and concentrate healthcare decisions into the hands of bureaucrats.” (or something to that effect). Oh holy shit. Like that doesn’t happen now? Like your healthcare isn’t being rationed by some corporocrats in order to make a few extra cents on stock shares?

This is how it’s happening, though. We’re headed for the dark ages. Things are no longer based on facts & empirical observation. Hell, things can’t even just be about facts. What should have been a simple “hey this thing is happening soon” turned into a FAIRANDBALANCED opportunity to inject some commentary, yet again.


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