Chase Lawsuit

I have been contacted by a New York law firm about the possibility of being the NAMED PLAINTIFF in the consumer class action suit against Chase for overdraft fees! In the last post, I mentioned visiting and signing up. Well that shit paid off.

We’re in early stages of intake and investigation right now. I’ve sent some bank statements and signed a retainer, and I don’t know if my examples will be good enough. In March of 2009, I was hit with SEVEN overdraft fees in ONE motherfucking day. So that’s a great example. I hope my account history proves I’m a good candidate for lead plaintiff. If I was lead plaintiff, it would by my name v. JP Morgan Chase on all court documents. I’d also attend some hearings and most likely be deposed. This would be the vindication I’ve so desperately wanted. And for all the other people I hope are signing up for this suit.

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