oh, pleasanton!

From Mercury News:

“Senator Joe Simitian: Your cell phone law sucks.”

That’s the blunt message on a large billboard off Highway 101 south of the IKEA store in East Palo Alto. It was paid for by Grant Paulson of Pleasanton, who despises California’s hands-free cell phone law, authored by Simitian and in place since last summer.

… Paulson, 47, said Tuesday he doesn’t like the cell phone law because he finds it hard to hear calls on hands-free devices and he considers the rule an attack on personal freedoms.

“All I want is to have a choice,” said Paulson, president of GP Fire Protection, a company that installs fire sprinklers.

…”I’m just tired of having my personal freedoms taken away,” he wrote in the reader comments on a story on NBC Bay Area’s Web site. “Used to (be) able to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, ride in the back of a pickup, not wear a seat belt, ride a bike when a kid without a helmet, etc. Where does it stop and what’s next? Helmet laws to ride in a convertible because that would be safer?”

Good gravy. I love how his idea of freedom is being able to engage in an activity that puts everyone else around him at risk. Let them eat cake!

I also like how he is el presidente of a company that installs fire sprinklers. Does anyone else find that a bit ironic? How many people who have been forced to hire his company to install those things have grumbled about it? And all he cares about is how it’s hard to hear. Oh, Pleasanton. The rolling, gentle green hillsides of upper-middle class privilege tend to make the natives a bit stir crazy.

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