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Back to Session Bash

First legislative “bash” I’ve attended. I do not yet go to fundraisers so this is the first straight up, sponsored capitol function I’ve been to. I met a few more legislators, including the one who should be carrying a bill of ours this year. In that vein, meeting his scheduler would’ve been more useful than meeting him. A mid-level assemblyman (and by that I mean he represents a decent Bay Area district- no more, no less) looked at my boobs. I got to meet the Assemblywoman from my hometown and chat with her for a second. Pedro Nava saw a photographer and wondered out loud if any pictures of the guests dining on fresh prawns and crab legs would be published, as that would look awfully bad given California’s unprecedented deficit and budget deadlock.

Most of all, I finally got to see how the other half lives. By the other half, I mean capitol staffers. Lobbyists and their ilk must pay thousands to attend crappy fundraisers with second rate hors deuvres, but if you work in the capitol, every other freaking day there’s some soiree or ice cream social being hosted in “your” (ie your boss’s) honor. This one was paid for by an organization of Indian gaming tribes and the American Cigar Association, hence the fresh prawns, crab legs and seared scallops.

At the beginning of the night, the hierarchy of staffers was painfully obvious. The free drink beads (yes, beads, as if a nod to the trading customs of indigenous North American tribes) helped loosen that up. But seriously, that’s what the capitol is all about. Hierarchy. It is its own version of Hollywood or high school. While there are a decent amount of hot mens, most of the dudes my age strut around with an expression as though there is something stinky permanently residing between their nose and upper lip (oh it’s poo from brownnosing! Oh SNAP!). A lot of the older mens are more relaxed and recent popularity of beard scruff makes them VERY attractive. Too bad they’re all fucking married. What is it with these guys? Married, married, married.