obama’s informercial! as seen on tv! but wait! there’s more!

did anyone notice the first woman’s familys’ “snacks?” she opened the fridge and started pointing out everyone’s shelves. that shit consisted of a dozen eggs, smuckers grape jam and a bottle of tapatio. i guess times is rough! “mom, can i have a smuckers and tapatio sandwich?” “no you have to make it last a week!”

and that couple with the rheumatoid arthritis…i was alright until i saw the man, who had to crawl out of retirement to make ends meet for his gnarled-paw wife, pin on a walmart nametag. it broke my heart like seeing someone kick a dog. you can vow to be as loving as humanly possible to every animal you meet from that point on but people still kick dogs and now you know it.

honestly, i was a bit put off at this cast of characters. i didn’t make beef top ramen, microwave two egg rolls and crack a tsing tao for mortals, you know.

right after the infomercial i switched to msnbc for live coverage of the obama/clinton rally in florida. one of the highlights of his speech was the comment about doctors, nurses, teachers and firefighters doing well. when they do well, we all do well. he got that from bill. and i couldn’t agree more.

i used to scan financial programs for a living. something that always struck me as scary were the quarterly profits. they would always go something like:

[INSERT LARGE COMPANY HERE] fell short of analysts’ expectations for the third quarter by [INSERT RIDICULOUSLY LOW NUMBER THAT BASICALLY AMOUNTS TO 2 FUCKING CENTS A SHARE HERE] percent. [LARGE COMPANY] has stated they will cut [INSERT SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT HERE] jobs.

now, let’s just say this company was…intel. intel’s mythical shareholders are fucking pissed because they lost 2 cents a share this quarter. shareholders are like reverse lobbyists in this way. political action committees give money and expect results. shareholders lose money and expect results. so intel announces it’s gonna cut 1,500 jobs.

this happens over and over again. it grows exponentially. because the more people who lose their jobs or see their pensions revoked, the less they will spend. and a company like intel depends on consumers purchasing the computers that contain their processors. they are now contributing to their own future shoddy earnings that in turn will prompt them to cut more jobs/costs because their fucking shareholders are spoiled, demanding little brats. and when things get shitty enough (as they’ve been lately), those shareholders will just start selling their stock. they will finally experience the fear and uncertainty that have been plaguing the workforce all along.

i believe “top heavy” is a far more accurate description than “trickle down.” catering to the investor class does not work. even when times are good, they do not give back. this theory can now be laid to rest. under the wise tutellage of bush, we metaphorically wrote it a blank check, and now we are writing it an even bigger fucking actual check. something like $700 billion, an amount so large it’s basically imaginary. fucking awesome.

after the rally tonight, tom delay basically called obama a socialist and a communist. first of all, i’ll refrain from ridiculing his credibility (and by doing so, smugly allude to his lack of credibility). but anyway, even if obama was a socialist, what’s the alternative? things go the way they are and we’ll be looking at something far worse. like bread lines and riots and angry proletariat uprisings. i prefer the term interventionist.

    • sfokc6125
    • October 30th, 2008

    Did you notice how many white people that were in Obamas Infomercial. Who rounded up the players for this soap opera . Instead of a bunch of wealthy individuals where was the poor he wants to give our hard earned money to . Where is the underclass he keeps preachingabout. The difference between Bill Cliton and Obama is Bill C was a Governor and had the experience to run a state. Obama has not kelp his word to the people that voted him in to his seat. How can you trust the word of a who hasn’t gotten the job done he has. The big picture he is not ready . He says he will change the country but in the real world it is us who will change it. You dont have to give big brother the right to rule your life. We control congress with the voice we give them . We need less federal spending and less taxes. Not more big government and less in our pockets. We need a strong military leader not a cut and run guy. WAKE UP DONT BE SHEEP.

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