SNL mock michelle obama?

Pat Buchanan wonders, what if SNL mocked Michelle Obama? Why haven’t they? A reverse racist liberal media conspiracy, perhaps?

why on earth’s name would SNL mock michelle obama? as far as i know, she hasn’t done anything stupid or ridiculous yet. she hasn’t spent $150,000 on clothing and makeup (in fact, she’s rocked H&M- a huge plus in my book). she hasn’t misquoted and/or misunderstood a myriad of facts on a national platform. she hasn’t tried to can elected officials on behalf of scorned family members. she hasn’t charged the state of illinois for nights spent at home.

the list of things worthy of mockery michelle obama has not done will continue when palin gets her own show on fox news and michelle becomes a quietly dignified first lady and role model.

as far as i know, michelle obama has been an associate at a top-tier law firm, broken fundraising records as executive director of a non-profit, and scaled back on promising administrative positions to be a mother. after she worked/scholarshipped her way through princeton and harvard.

alright i admit that was the readers’ digest condensed version. she’s also articulate, likeable, warm, and possesses awesome politico-wife fashion sense (sorry, but i will just never get over that H&M dress. that store makes me dizzy with anticipation of sensible yet hipsteresque nights on the town. i mean, have you seen their like, 70 jackets for fall? jaysus).

so, pat buchanan…what exactly should SNL mock michelle obama for? my friend, you are an ambulance chaser.

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